Một UHR FIB-SEM tiên tiến để nghiên cứu đặc điểm 2D và 3D cho các mẫu y sinh học và mẫu nhạy với chùm điện tử

  • UHR imaging of beam-sensitive samples at low-kV
  • Routine investigation of heavy-metal stained resin-embedded samples with excellent contrast using the In-beam BSE detector at low-kV
  • Best resolution Ga FIB column with optimized ion optics for excellent performance and reproducibility
  • Site-specific TEM lamella preparation and in-situ visualization with an easy-to-use STEM detector that offers cost-effective imaging results comparable to TEM
  • 3D nanovisualization and volume reconstruction of resin-embedded cellular structures
  • Cryo UHR SEM imaging and cryo-FIB-SEM applications

Resin embedded mammalian cells. Additionally inverted image was acquired using In-Beam BSE detector at accelerating voltage 2.5 keV

Resin embedded brain tissue. Cross-section was prepared with Ga FIB and visualized using In-Beam BSE detector

3D ultrastructural reconstruction of mammalian cell at 5 × 5 × 8 nm voxel size sampling in x, y, and z dimensions. Selected FIBSEM stack shows intracellular organization inside the cell

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