Một giải pháp thay thế để tiếp cận với TEM lamella bán tự động chất lượng cao

  • Low-kV ultra-high-resolution imaging of high-end semiconductor devices
  • Precise end-pointing at low electron beam energies
  • Gentle FIB thinning for improved quality results in TEM sample preparation enabled by excellent low-kV ion beam performance
  • Optimized workflows and recipes for easy preparation of ultra-thin TEM lamellae
  • Semi-automated software module for site-specific TEM lamella preparation
  • Preparation of advanced geometry TEM lamellae from the most advanced semiconductor nodes
  • Specialized, load-lock-compatible stage carousel for TEM sample preparation
  • Dedicated TEM grid holders with fully optimized geometry for advanced TEM sample preparation

Multiple-site TEM sample preparation

Inverted lamella geometry

HR-TEM image of a “gate-cut” TEM lamella prepared from a 10 nm technology node

Yêu cầu báo giá - SEM TESCAN